Do you have a property or real estate you are looking to sell?

If you’re thinking about selling your real estate in NH or southern Maine, Ann Cummings is the one to call!  Ann is a licensed broker in New Hampshire and Maine, and has a very solid successful track record of helping others do just that – getting their property sold!
Ann and her husband, Jim Lee, work together as a team to help you reach your goal of selling your real estate.  They spend time with their clients getting their property ready for the market and getting it priced properly.  That old adage, “you never get a second chance to create a really good first impression” most certainly applies to real estate, and Ann and Jim work hard to do just that for their clients – create a great first impression when their properties go on the market.  And the proof is in the numbers – the properties Ann and Jim list for sale typically take less time to sell than real estate market averages because of the time they spend with their clients getting their property ready for the market.


If you have property you want to sell, and your goal is to get it sold, Ann Cummings of RE/MAX By The Bay in Portsmouth is the one to call.  With Ann on your side, you can – consider it SOLD so start packing!
Ann Cummings
RE/MAX By The Bay

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Ann is a member of Tradeport Connections, a NH Weekly Networking and Business Referral Group that meets weekly. Our members include businesses from the seacoast of NH and southern ME including Rochester, Barrington, Dover, Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton Greenland, Kittery, Berwick, York and more.

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