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People are more and more tuned into their own wellness than every before. With chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes on the rise and health care costs beyond manageable, people are scared and looking for solutions. Kellie Farrar, a wellness educator, consultant and franchisee owner with JuicePlus+ Whole Food Nutrition is crazy passionate about the health people, even those she has yet to meet. Her role as a wellness educator allows her to plug people into information that can impact their health and in some cases, actually save their lives!

JuicePlus+ is whole food, 17 vine ripened, herbicide and pesticide free fruits, vegetables and whole, non-gmo grains, which are juiced, dehydrated and put into capsule or soft chewable form. It is the most thoroughly researched nutritional product of its kind in the entire world! There are 29 completed research studies on JuicePlus+ showing it is making marked health improvements in the body. Some of what JuicePlus+ has been proven to do includes but is not limited to:

• It is absorbed by the body

• Reduces oxidative stress damage

• Reduces key biomarkers of systemic inflammation

• Supports a healthy immune system

• Supports cardiovascular wellness

• Supports healthy skin and gums

JuicePlus+ is easy; it helps to bridge the body’s nutritional gap from what it is getting for nutrition to what it should get. The Recommended Daily Allowances by the FDA and USGA are for adults and children alike to consume 7-13 fruit and vegetable servings per day. The more active you are, the more you should consume! A fist is the size of the serving so if you are an adult not eating 13 fistfuls per day, JuicePlus+ is a great solution!

JuicePlus+ is convenient. Two Orchard and two Garden capsules every day gives you the nutrition your body needs to fight the highly toxic world we all live and breathe in. Oxidative stress is the key link between your body and disease. Its role is to break down the body’s immune system, joints, skin, and DNA, just to name a few destructive things it does. Antioxidants, found in fruits and vegetables, neutralize oxidation in the body. That is why the RDA is so high. JuicePlus+, the nutrition from 17 fruits, vegetables and whole grains, gives the body the added nutrition it needs or is lacking to help neutralize the daily impact of oxidation.

JuicePlus+ is affordable. For the cost of a cup of coffee, a family of 4 can get JuicePlus+ for free for less than $2.80 per day! Thanks to the generosity of this amazing company, kids, between the ages of 4-18 or full-time college students up to the age of 26, can receive JuicePlus+ capsules or chewables for FREE for 4 years. Once adult commits to the JuicePlus+ health habit, they sponsor a child into the JuicePlus+ Children’s Health Study (www.ChildrensHealthStudy.com) and together a healthy journey begins!

If you are someone who cares deeply for your healthy, longevity and vitality and wants nothing but the best for your kids and their diet, then contact Kellie Farrar to learn more about JuicePlus+ and the JuicePlus+ Children’s Health Study. It is Kellie’s desire to inspire healthy living around the world. Let her begin by inspiring you.

Kellie Farrar, Wellness Educator and Consultant

JuicePlus+ Whole Food Nutrition






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