All your drug testing needs – SIMPLIFIED

Jessica Placy, owner of Mobile Drug Testing.  Mobile Drug Testing’s goal is to simplify the drug testing process by providing onsite drug testing.  By performing drug tests at the place of employment, employees don’t lose time driving to and waiting at a clinic, and employers don’t have to wait for test results.  In addition, onsite testing is more accurate than sending an employee to a clinic because there is no opportunity to cheat the test.  Mobile Drug Testing is able to offer all of the same tests and services that you would find at a clinic, including: instant tests, lab tests, federal tests, MRO review, and hair tests.  In addition to testing services, Mobile Drug Testing is able to provide businesses with expert supervisor and employee trainings.  For more information on all of the services that Mobile Drug Testing offers, please contact Jessica Placy at or 603-205-4334.


Jessica is a member of Tradeport Connections, a NH Weekly Networking and Business Referral Group that meets weekly. Our members include businesses from the seacoast of NH and southern ME including Rochester, Barrington, Dover, Portsmouth, Exeter, Greenland, Kittery, Berwick, York and more.

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