Legal Advice and Legal Service Plans for Under $20

I enable people to access the legal system. I went to law school to help people, only to find it almost impossible in traditional practice, where the primary obstacle to “equal justice under the law” is green: wealth and power, which often gives those with these assets dominance in court.

Since 1972, Legal Shield levels that playing field. For less than $20 a month, my clients have unlimited access to a quality law firm in their state and a network of such firms nation-wide.


Also, I help small business protect & grow their operations. From 1 to 99 employees, different plans provide coverage for $15 to $125 a month. An experienced, top-rated law firm essentially on retainer for $125 a month? Yes. Plus, beyond the legal services, all plans include access to a suite of extraordinarily credentialed business consultants providing a virtual back office of Fortune 500 executive experience for the harried business owner.


Identity theft: the most common, most profitable crime in the world & it is growing. The average victim spends at least 100 hours and $600 to plug the leak with no certainty all have been sealed. While impossible to avoid, our product restores your identity 100% – and in all areas (financial matters are less than 1/3 of the losses) – and it is rated #1 by independent sources … while costing far less than the competition.


In 15 minutes, I can show people how to vastly reduce stress for a lifetime. It may or may not be for them; I just want to give them the opportunity to decide. While it may seem a financial or personal matter, over half of Americans face a legal issue on any given day. For less than most spend on a beverage that day, Legal Shield members can talk with  their  attorneys &  deal  with it.  Feels mighty good when we do!


A quick summary of the personal & family plan:

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