Connecting Businesses with Technology – Simplifying the Telecom Experience

Today’s business is challenged with separating their organization from competitors, enhancing the customer experience, leveraging technology to make it happen faster, and don’t forget about growing the bottom line.  There are 100’s if not thousands of technology solutions, applications for the laptop, tablet, smart phone.  Does anyone have a dumb phone?  Businesses are constantly faced with the question of how to manage applications, servers, cloud, & devices colliding with networks and connectivity.

Should I build and run a server myself, what about the cloud?  It looks sunny today!  How do I make all of this happen and what are the best choices?  How do I manage all the options and vendors?  How do I make sure I’m getting the best deal and the solution or service is not outdated tomorrow?

Telecom services are the underlying foundation that help make technology great!  Voice, data, and internet services help businesses grow, connect people to build relationships, and can be confusing.

Let’s face it, managing different telecom contacts, carriers, internet providers, data center companies, and wireless solutions is a headache and inefficient use of time.

Shamrock Consulting Group can help by doing all of the work.  With access to 100’s of carriers in our portfolio and 15+ years industry experience, we help design a great solution and guarantee the best pricing.  Shamrock is an extension of the team and provide complimentary assessments comparing current providers and services or options for a new project in the future.  This process saves time, simplifies management, and reduces expenses.


Learn how companies have created a competitive advantage with speed to market, increased productivity, and why they have selected Shamrock Consulting Group.


  •   Use technology to enhance the customer experience and grow the business.
  •   Free up resources and eliminate headaches.
  •   Simplify vendor management and reduce telecom expenses.


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