To make a purposeful and committed effort to professionally know one anothers business in order to effectively refer TPC members to their circle of influence. Allowing members to get to know and understand the selected weekly 10 minute business presentation greatly improves effective referrals for member businesses. Weekly attendance also gives a professional and united appearance to any visiting business person which opens more business opportunities for the Tradeport Connection network.


To be on time and committed to networking your business and those Tradeport Connection members’ businesses within your circle of influence on a weekly basis.  If member cannot be present, a substitute may take the place of the member.  The member is expected to contact a member of the leadership team if they cannot be present.

Absences and tardiness will be tracked.

Absence – one (1) per month or three (3) per quarter

Tardiness – two (2) per quarter

Upon reaching the maximum number of absences or tardiness, membership will be reviewed by the membership committee for appropriate action if required.

Excused Meeting Exceptions

  • School closing  – if the schools within your town of residence are closed, you will be excused)
  • Weather related emergencies
  • Medical emergency/surgery
  • Other miscellaneous with approval of membership committee